Hello everyone,

Name is Liu, and welcome to my blog. Well, a little about me is that I started my MMO’ing in Star Wars Galaxies. From there I played World of Warcraft for some time, tried out a few others. And when I heard about Star Wars: The Old Republic became very excited and maybe just maybe a little too excited. That I overwhelmed some of my friends with tremendous amount of information about the game. That I even tried to start my own guild. But seeing how my old guildies were coming back to Swtor, we decided to try and get the family back together again.

Currently I play on the Jedi Covenant server and play both Republic and Empire. And with the expansion preorder “Shadow of Revan”, I leveled up so many characters that I’ve wanted to play that now I think I may have too many. But I realize with reading information from other sites and listening to podcasts that a good player must understand the other classes. Ever since the expansion it’s been a real learning curve, almost having to ‘Unlearn what you have learned’ and start over in a manner of speaking.

I’ve live in Los Angeles all my life. Have met some wonderful people ingame and have reconnected with some old ones from SWG. I enjoy the storylines of the game and it gives it a Star Warsy feel. I just started to read the new Star Wars books and audiobooks, am I a Star Wars fan? No doubt. I just got done with ‘A New Dawn’ and just started with ‘Tarkin’. I’ll eventually put the reviews under my books blog. And not to long ago just finished ‘The Darth Bane Series’, which answered so many questions but leaving me with wanting more. I have also read some of the older Star Wars books and my favorite author is Timothy Zahn and enjoy the voice readings/acting of Marc Thompson. Loved ‘The Thrawn Trilogy’ and ‘The Thrawn Duology’. When I started the trilogy, I just couldn’t put the books down. Timothy Zahn just made the story addicting making you want more.

But besides being a Star Wars fan, I enjoy movies, audiobooks/books, F1 racing, hanging out with friends. But I really appreciate you for stopping by and reading my blog. May the Force be with you.

  1. By lack of contact details I’ll just post here. I’ve been following your blog for a while and thought this May’s Newbie Blogger Initiative is maybe something for you to participate in, seeing as you’re a newish blog. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it; I wrote down a short introduction here: ravalation.blogspot.com/2015/05/nbi-2015-call-for-blogs.html.


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