A disturbance in the force…

#CrisisOnUmbara is the latest to hit #Swtor, though from some players that I have spoke with feel asthough that it was a let down, not to mention that having to attain the new #Stronghold that you have to go through the story is annoying. Talking with friends/guildies over some of the aspects of the game as of late, and with the recent patch and the nerfs going out, several players I know have quit the game. They feel no desire to continue with Swtor. With a few of my friends leaving, it’s sad the direction that #Bioware is going. Several Nightmare/Master mode players I know have also felt similar and feel the game is just lacking in content.

In the update 2.4 with the Dread Masters, most feel that the game with at it’s peak, and new story with two operations with three types of modes, though also keep in mind that for the 2.4 update the content/expansion was to be alot bigger, several testers in the PTS had mentioned that there was alot more to the Dread Masters. But Bioware cut things out. Many of the progression raiders in that time left due to the let down of the expansion.

Having in depth conversation of the direction of the game with fellow players and friends realize that maybe Bioware has ran out of ideas. One thing that was mentioned with speaking to players/friends that Tyth is the only encounter in the game that is RNG base. With that in mind is that what is expected now in regards to “new content” throwing in the RNG factor to keep players playing?

Now, I’ve never been one to sugarcoat things but let’s be real for a second, what happened to the “Wall of Crazy”, the things that they wanted to add to the game that players wanted to see? Never heard of  anything in regards to that in a very long time. With 5.0 came level 70 and additional 300 levels on top of that, tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 were added and later on tier 4. Nerfs started with classes and more nerfs to come to keep players staggered and repeating the same content again and again. Repeatable chapters, Uprisings (aka mini flashpoints), speculated nerfs to Galactic Starfighter (yes it does exist), and now another flashpoint. I am not impressed with a flashpoint, when KDY (Kuat Drive Yards) came out, it lacked. Was very disappointed. I had retired from flashpoints after running so many of them in 3.0+ and I didn’t touch flashpoints in 4.0+. Not to mention Bioware nerf the deco’s drop rates in flashpoints, that was very frustrating.

Personally, it’s discouraging to me, this game had the potential to really be something. At this point, this blog post is more about me ranting. And for some of you may feel the same way or not. But when I see friends/guildies/progression raiders leaving, that’s not a good sign. I started out in this game as a casual and over time I got bitten by the progression bug, learned to push myself further and further. The last thing I wanted to do was to let myself down. I always tried to encourage others to excel and push themselves. But it comes to a point and as of late I’ve been seeing casuals that don’t care and don’t have the drive to want to learn than face-smashing the keyboard, but when you come across players in a PuG and the first boss enrages, that’s not a good sign. It’s as bad as healer not knowing how to cleanse. Here’s what I think Bioware should DO, rolled back storymodes to the original settings/mechanics so that players actually have to learn them. And this explains why players don’t run EC, Rav, ToS, ever noticed that when they’re on groupfinder?

Some of you understand when guildies/friends leave the game, it’s kind of sad. So many of you can relate to what I’m saying.

I did come across a video, now whether it’s true or not. I don’t know, but if it is… check it out for yourself. Could there be another Star Wars MMO?

Many of you probably have wondered what happened with the podcast, and most of you know some times life has a way of getting in the way. Not to mention timing, I don’t want to get into details since I made this blog most to talk about games. Some people game to relax and have fun and to sometimes forget about the stresses just for a minute. For me when I started this blog and was inspired by the community, and the community welcomed me, and I thank them all. Yes, I had plans for this blog and wanted to do more podcasts. But for now I have to set the podcast aside and focus on life stuff. I hope that you understand.

I’m hoping in the near future that I can record a podcast, hopefully sooner then later.

Back on the topic of Swtor, I log on about once a week now and do a progression team run. But I have joined a few friends on #FinalFantasyXIV Online MMO. And so far it’s been a blast, I started out with a trial and it’s free upto level 35, and you have pretty much full access to the game with the exceptions of being able to send /tell’s and use ingame mail, reason for this is to stop gold spammers, yes gold spammers, they’re everywhere. But you can level every job/class to level 35.

I didn’t think I would so much like the game, since I knew nothing really of the Final Fantasy genre, I played a Final Fantasy on the original Playstation. Beyond that, that was it. But the game is gorgeous, the story is good, but one thing you have to keep in mind is the game starts you out by holding your hand, but once you hit level 15 it starts to get more advanced.

The character creation is nice, one of the interesting things is that you can create a character and save it for a later time, so you don’t have to redo it later on. Nice feature. Dungeon queueing is cross-server and raids aswell (See it can happen). I haven’t tried the PvP aspect yet. One thing that really threw me off was the fact that you can have one character do every job/class, and every gathering and crafting job/class. I quite enjoy the crafting aspect of the game. #FFXIV also just celebrated 10 million players and currently has a sale for comestic items on the store for the game. 10 million! Wow!

Don’t take me wrong but I still have a love of #StarWars and that will never change, and I’m not saying that I’m leaving Swtor but I have been on Swtor since beta/launch. I have my sub til the end of the year. After that, (shrugs) who knows, hopefully things will change with Swtor and Bioware starts going in the right direction. Keep in mind that this is not a Swtor versus FFXIV, it’s just me playing a game and having fun. Though I may consider doing a blog post later that gets into details of comparison, but we’ll see.

Feel free to comment and we can have a conversation below. Or Direct Message me on Twitter. If you want a referral code for FFXIV.

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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