Q: What server(s) are you on?

A: I’m mostly on the Jedi Covenant server, but started back up on Harbinger, Shadowlands.

Q: What faction do you play?

A: Both, Republic and Empire. I think right now I have more republic characters than I do Empire.

Q: What classes do you play?

A: Heals and dps and I have one tank. My first ones were a Juggernaut and Sage, but now I’m loving my Merc.

Q: Do you ever stream?

A: I do from time to time, but haven’t as of late only because of some personal reasons.

Q: Do you play any other MMO’s?

A: I was playing ESO for a little while but always kept coming back to Swtor. I mean who doesn’t want to swing a Lightsaber.

Q: What Guild(s) are you in?

A: I have a few, on Jedi Covenant, ‘House Lannister’ on Republic and ‘AIE’ on Empire. On Harbinger, ‘Unholy Alliances/Wookie Mistake’, and on Shadowlands the ‘WOOK Guild’ (Republic), ‘Has a Bad Feeling’ (Empire).

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