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Understanding Guild Wars 2 better. Part 2.


Just to recap, recently I’ve been venturing in #GuildWars2. Now the interesting part is that the more time that you invest into the game and with the right guidance/tutelage the game opens up into so much more. Events in world are 24/7 and storytelling. As of late I have been going through the Living World season 3. But I have been working on so many little things I feel like I’m spreading myself thin, don’t take me wrong. It’s not the games fault, it’s actually mine, meaning in short, there’s so much to do that I almost can’t decide.

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Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, and Star Trek Online


As in some of my previous posts I spoke about #FinalFantasyXIV , #GuildWars2 , but I didn’t really talk about #StarTrekOnline. Now these are just a couple of games that I’ve been enjoying. And they’re in the MMO family. So hopefully you’re reading when you have some time after filling up on Thanksgiving dinner, or during commercials during football.


Final Fantasy XiV

I honestly don’t know too much about the lore but the game and it’s universe are gorgeous, the design of this game is amazing. Ther are so many aspects to this game and there is something for everyone, housing, crafting, dungeons, raids, pvp. Currently there is a free trial of “A Realm Reborn” that let you play the ‘A.R.R. jobs/classes upto level 35, and there’s no time limit. Check out my previous blog post on #FFXIV. I will say this that I really enjoy the Endgame, I find it really challenging and enjoyable. Final Fantast XIV is a subscription base game. Currently Humble Bundle is having a promotion for FFXIV for a limited time.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

With Guild Wars 2, I started out on free base game, and really enjoyed the exploration. But you have to go into this game with a different mindset, meaning #GW2 is not your traditional tanks, dps and healer aspect. Every player is an all in one type, leveling in this game seems fluidic, I got so wrapped up in exploring and just got involved in the events that popped up with I was leveling. One major difference in comparsion to other mmo’s is that Guild Wars 2 has not subscription unlike Final Fantasy XIV, WoW just to name a few. I sometimes that I can just go exploring/leveling and just lose myself in the game, so much fun. After trying the free base game trial, I bought into it by purchasing #HeartOfThorns aka “H.o.T” which introduced gliding and so much more. And when #PathOfFire went on sale recently with it’s half off promotion, I just couldn’t pass that up. #PoF introduced mounts, but not just your typical mounts, these mount have certain abilities which add to the exploration and gameplay. I really want to dive more into Guild Wars 2 and share what I have learned going into this game. I was fortunate enough to meet my GM (Guild Master) and his wife who have a wealth of knowledge about this game. And just to let you know that I am to type a post that dives a bit more in detail into the aspects and things I have learned about being a new player in Guild Wars 2.

Star Trek Online

I played #STO back in beta, and was disappointed. I came back to STO cause I some youtube videos and saw that Crytic had been adding content to the game. I later read on STO news that they removed the monthly subscription, so the game is free to play, but also has another option which is the lifetime subscription. STO has really changed from the time that I played during beta, and I’m having so much fun. The community is helpful and amazing. Granted I’m still learning so much about this game leveling is so much, the game really immerse you into the Star Trek universe. The space combat is one the best space combat systems out there. The customization of ships is so much fun, not to mention the uniforms, gear, etc. Currently Cryptic has released ‘Age of Discovery’ expansion/content. I haven’t reached endgame yet in STO, but I’ve seen videos/streams on twitch and looks like fun.

I would recommend to check out any of these games, it doesn’t cost you anything to try them out. I wanted to share with my readers just some of the game that I have been playing and enjoying. Happy Holidays!

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

Update on gaming and Guild Wars 2 Sale.

For some of my readers may have already know that I had move on from #swtor. It was good for a while but some may argue that it was dead/dying and lack of content etc. This topic has been argued for the longest time, and that’s fine. But I had been playing for 5+ years, close to 6 years give or take. And yes I uninstalled the game already. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it, but not anytime soon. For those that want to try it out, my advice to you is that don’t even waste your time with the free to play. And that if you want to experience the full game, then just subscribe to it and get upto command rank 300.

As in some of my post in the past I have criticized #Bioware for their lack of endgame content, and I still do. And this is why endgame raiders leave/left the game. In the wake of all of this I had a friend ask me to try out #FinalFantasyXIV and I was so relunctant to do so. Well, eventually I gave in and started on the free trial of #FFXIV and I was amazed at how smooth the game runs. If you haven’t already checked out my blog post about the free trial of ffxiv, please do so. The free trial of the game is great so that you can actually get a feel for the game. Now for me, I can say that I am enjoying the endgame of FFXIV, it’s been a blast. And as a reminder remember that you can play just about every job/class on the free trial. In the beginning it’s hand holding but later on it starts to pick up.

Along with FFXIV, I have been playing #GuildWars2 and it’s been a bit different the the typical MMO feel and in comparsion to swtor and ffxiv with the trinity (tanks, dps, and healers) compostion. It’s more like a hybrid-ish of all three into one. The environment and feel for the game is different, what I do like about #GW2 is that you can just go around and level/explore and do you main story line, it doesn’t make you feel like there’s a grind at all. I think that it challenges the player(s) to figure out puzzles. I do like that personally. Arenanet now has the core game as a trial, and if you want to upgrade you can upgrade to either a Deluxe version or buy into ‘Heart of Thorns/Path of Fire’, currently I have Heart of Thorns and it’s been a blast. Though I do have one issue with the game but I think as long as you know that once you hit 80, you have to unlock Mastery points by unlocking them through the first couple of quests of the Main Storyline of Heart of Thorns. Then you can go back to Tyria for further exploration and finding more Mastery points so that you can unlock certain perks (such as gliding). If this can help anyone, great. I learned the hardway.



So I would say now is a good time to take advantage of the Guild Wars 2 Sale!!! I just literally bought mine today for Path of Fire, cause I missed the last sale. And last but not least, I apologize to those for not posting as often but I should be posting more frequently. I have been streaming on twitch.

Also as of late, I have been playing Star Trek Online, and I’m really enjoying this game too. Crytic removed their sub from the game, so now there is only ‘Free to Play’ or a lifetime sub of $299.99 but I was advised to wait for when Crytic has a $100 off sale or so to take advantage of that. But it doesn’t hurt to check out all the games out there and mix it up a bit.

So stay tuned to The Balance Force.