Knights of the Eternal Throne, MMO evolution or deterioration?

After a summer of silence, and months of anticipation #Bioware has given us some information on #kotet. New York Comic Con Cantina event gave us an inside look of the upcoming conclusion to #kotfe. Ideas of Bioware listening to it’s playerbase may have fallen on deaf ears, some have stated. Blur gave us a teaser trailer and a full trailer. In short, it’s a backstory on Vaylin, so obviously you have an idea of the direction of the story. Vaylin is Emperess now and it’s pretty much an ultimate battle of Good vs. Bad aka Light vs. Dark.

Bioware for awhile has wanted to go back to its roots of story story story-telling, #KnightsOfTheFallenEmpire was pretty much Bioware’s way of testing the waters and dipping their toes in a different direction of what MMO evolution they have in mind. Though KotFE came with mixed reviews, the foundation of the game was the same, now with the next step of a complete revamp of the whole system of the game.


As some news has came out on Dulfy, players of all likes have been caught off guard about the direction of the game. It’s gone from story story story-telling to points points points-grinding. And for some, “this is the straw that broke the Bantha’s back”. Most of the progression raiders I spoke with in one of my guildes are done, they’re cancelling their subs, they are already looking for another game. Some that went to WoW (World of Warcraft), heard the news and they’re not coming back and were very disappointed to hear about the direction of the game.

Let dive into some aspects of the game in regards to KotET shall we:


Galactic Command Overview: (More on (Dev Tracker post:

  • Operations
  • Flashpoints
  • PvP (including Galactic Starfighter)
  • Story chapters of KotFE and KotET
  • Dailies and Heroics
  • Uprisings (upcoming in KotET)

Will all have three difficulties (Story, Veteran, and Master) in most settings. But the Galactic Command is only accessible only when you reach level 70 and are a premium member, meaning in short a subscriber. So free-to-play and preferred don’t have access to the Galactic Command and are not able to attain end game via the GC. But F2P/preferred players may still be able to get crafted items (No set bonuses). We’ll find out more.

Once you start leveling up your Command Rank, you will get a Command Crate that may have loot in there for you based on your advanced class. So it may be possible that you could get tank gear when your dps and vice versa. If you think the 1 in 14 chance is bad, now you odds are increase because it’s based on your advance class not you spec. And it may take you longer to gear up if you want to jump into harder content. So the system is going to be gated somehow. It’s pushing all players backwards for some time, think of it as leveling the playing field.

We all want more information because so far this expansion is leaving little to desire. Many want to see examples of this system, the only objective now in the game is to grind out points. Not gear, points. Speaking of gear, ‘Expertise’ is being removed from the game and now leveled the field to “ANYBODY can PvP”. Honestly, I think this a poor attempt to get players that don’t PvP ‘out of their comfort zone and try something new’ motto. Remember, you can lead a Dewback to water, but you can’t make it drink. Might’ve been better just to do a cross-server queueing.

How we know the game now is going to be gone, with a new interpretation of what a casual MMO is suppose to be.

Sometime back as some readers may or may not know about Star Wars Galaxies, and the NGE (New Game Enhancements), when the NGE hit the servers it devastated the game, lost players, lost subs, etc. At the time, it wanted to be similar to WoW, and failed, it tanked. It never recovered. So is it possbile that this may be ‘Bioware’s NGE’, in redefining what an MMO should be? I would hope not.

You can rewatch the stream #ICYMI (in case you missed it), judge for yourself. There will be another stream Thrusday, October 20th starting at 2pm PST on


Stay tuned to The Balance Force.



New year, new info, new podcast

It’s the 2016, and many podcasts, bloggers, sites are making predictions about the upcoming year involving #StarWarsTheOldRepublic #KnightOfTheFallenEmpire. Bioware is back from their vacation and working on releasing the new chapter in February. But the #swtor community has alot of questions concerning the direction of the game.

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So much #KotFE Impression

Well, it’s a bit since I got to post but I’ve been following the news to #Knightsof the FallenEmpire. Now, I’ll try not to spoil anything. As of late I have been a bit busy with my acting career, not to mention with dealing with some personal items on my plate. Let’s dive into some #kotfe, shall we.

Trying to play on multiple servers can get a little confusing, like for example at a certain time on Jedi Covenant it just dies out. And on Harbinger, it seems to practically be rocking round the clock! It’s been a while since I played on Harbinger, I started on that server back in the day when the game launched.

Been playing with ‘Unholy Alliance’ guildies in our “WoG” group when I can, granted I missed last weeks run. Also, I wanted to give a special shoutout to the XtraLife Team for going the Xtra mile to raise money for Children’s Hospitals. Way to go team! I wish I could’ve participated but real life things came up.

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Need more #KotFE



We are about a month away from #KnightsoftheFallenEmpire expansion, and some information has been trickling out. Thanks to the wonderful miners of ToRCommunity we have gotten tidbits of upcoming things such as UI improvements. Recently, #Bioware had maintenance to make improvements to the back end systems to optimize load times, graphical improvements. And honestly, it’s been good so far, I’ve seen huge improvements on the load times.

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Bitter taste of #KotFE

livestream swtor 08.26

As most of you know, there was a live stream on August 26th at 5pm PST. It gave us a preview of the upcoming #swtor expansion #KnightsoftheFallenEmpire. Now let me just be clear as to I will not post any spoilers, I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone. For those of you that actually want to watch it. There is the following video.

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Light KotFE or Dark KotFE


As we draw closer to the release of #KnightsoftheFallenEmpire expansion, many of us wonder what exactly are we in stored for? Bioware hasn’t really said too much, but on August 26th a live stream will take place showing actual gameplay of #KotFE. Bioware decided that they were cancelling the Community Cantina and instead were doing a live stream where they’ll hand out Cantina codes to viewers and other swag they will be giving away. You’ll be able to watch through The announcement is below (link).

musco live stream august 26

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A fresh cup of KotFE



Greetings all, I know that it has been a while since I posted. So forgive me for the delay, I’ve had quite of personal things going on. I went to the San Diego Community Cantina Event. As some of you were aware of the pic’s with some familiar #swtor community members. And had the most interesting time, meeting up with Marshall and Will from ‘The Usual Podcast‘, Jessie from Unholy Alliances, Heather of Pretty Little Sith & Corellian Run Radio, and Andreas aka Chinn’ook from my same server of Jedi Covenant, and not to mention Bam and the #WookGuild.

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Knights of the Fallen Empire Trailer

Some beautiful work in this video. #knightsofthefallenempire #eae3 #faceyourdestiny has several posts in regards to the expansion.


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“Knights of the Fallen Empire” leaked info

Looks like either someone stepped in some poodoo there. And leaked some info in regards to the announcement/expansion. Now whether it was a mistake or just to ride the coat tails of hype. Hashtags of #knightsofthefallenempire , #swtor , #faceyourdestiny and #swtorfamily still has been booming with hype.

The news has been spreading like wildfire, and it has been exciting players and attracting some returning players. I will say that #Bioware is moving in the right direction. With all this hype the pressure is on Bioware to really deliver a high quality product and streamline PvP aspects along with queues.


Remember the following may contain spoilers.


This picture has been circulating around the web and Twitter, looks greats. And as I said in my last post, speculations have been flying around. This has shed some light. There’s also a picture that has Eric Musco’s face photoshop on the twins.

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“Knights of the Fallen Empire” expansion 06.15 announcement

So it was announced today June 12th for what’s on the agenda for June 15th for E3 for EA. Most importantly, SWTOR ‘Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion’. Hype has been hitting the Twitter feed under #swtor and #faceyourdestiny hashtags.

  • Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – The largest story-driven expansion to date, Knights of the Fallen Empire, marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The expansion will deliver on the hallmarks of what makes a great BioWare™ game: new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit, and a dynamic story that players will be able to shape based on the choices they make.

Watch #EAE3 LIVE on on Monday, 6/15 at 1PM PT

The following may present spoilers.

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