Understanding Guild Wars 2 better. Part 2.


Just to recap, recently I’ve been venturing in #GuildWars2. Now the interesting part is that the more time that you invest into the game and with the right guidance/tutelage the game opens up into so much more. Events in world are 24/7 and storytelling. As of late I have been going through the Living World season 3. But I have been working on so many little things I feel like I’m spreading myself thin, don’t take me wrong. It’s not the games fault, it’s actually mine, meaning in short, there’s so much to do that I almost can’t decide.

If you start out with the Core game, obviously you level up, get gear, get hero points, get mastery points, choose an advance job/profession, and ofcourse do the personal story journal aka the main story. It’s important to keep it basic and simple. Now ofcourse some people may not care about the story of just want to do their own thing. To each their own and that’s fine. BUT! One does lose out experience, loot, keys, etc.

I got so frustrated when I started the game and not understanding what a “build” was and everyone telling me, “Just pick a build, it’s doesn’t really matter.”. Well, it does make a difference. Okay here’s a simple way to break it all down, in the early levels you would want to focus on a “power build” aka a zerker (berserker)stat build which primarily focuses on power, precision, and ferocity. With power being the top stat.

The other build is called a “Condi” short for condition which is a DoT (Damage over Time)spec, from what I gather this type of spec is more widely used for longer fights, i.e. raid bosses. And I haven’t really tried this type of build as of yet.

In the game you’ll come across ‘Hero points’ which unlocks new skills towards you final build(s). One can have different builds for PvE, PvP and WvW. And whatever you do DON’T get WvW confused with PvP, it triggers players. I got an earful from my GM on the difference. And don’t worry about not getting enough hero points, there is plenty of hero points to unlock everything in your build.

Gear in the game is some what on and lateral incline, there’s rare (yellow border) gear, exotic (orange border) gear, and ascended (pink border) gear and legendary gear that share the same gear stats as ascended gear. Not to mention the other types of green border and blue border gear which is a dime-a-dozen.

Gathering raw materials: everyone can gather, you don’t have to be trained in order to chop wood, mine ore, and pick herbs. You just need the tools which you can normally get from most merchants. Check out this link for more info.

In this post I don’t want to make it long and drawn out and confusing, I want to make simple and understanding and not to overwhelm new players coming into the game. In small portions, bite-size pieces. One of the nice things about this game is you can deposit your materials from anywhere in the world, when you have your inventory open, on the top right hand corner of your inventory screen there will be a gear/cog just right click on it and select deposit all materials. Done. Keep in mind that you have a maximum capacity of 250 per stack. But one can buy from the Gem Store material storage increase upt to a maximum of total 2k storage, in increments of 250. You have a bank storage that is accessible throughout your entire account but also can buy additional slots from the Gem Store aswell. Also remember that oe can convert gold to gems so you don’t have to spend any real cash. But remember there is no subscription for #GuildWars2.

Everything that I have stat above really only pertains to the Core game, I haven’t even realy talked about HoT aka Heart of Thorns and/or PoF aka Path of Fire. If you ever get stuck on something, just ask in map chat of in guild chat. People are always willing to help and answer questions. But you can also check out YouTube videos and sites like the GW2 Wiki site. And not to mention other sites like Dulfy.net, Gw2Timer.com. MetaBattle.com is the more common site used for understanding the build set ups. But remember to ask questions, but in leveling up to 80 it really doesn’t matter all that much.

Hopefully I have shed some light on more of the simple aspects of the game. But one thing that I will advised is that if you do decide to jump into the game make sure that you get all the Living World seasons, you get so much more out of it. More then likely I’ll have another post soon. I hope this post helps.

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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