To pug or not to pug…

One thing the lately I have noticed is that not so many players are really starting to do a lot of the new ops. Guilds are doing progression raids of 8 mans. Haven’t really heard too much about 16 mans. Now let’s not forget about the bugs from the 3.0 update in regards to the new ops. Ravengers and Temple of Sacrifice.

Where is the line separating laziness and initiative, wanting to actually improved and move into the next tier of experiences? Whilst I was ingame on Yavin IV to be exact doing some dailies to gear up my comps. I couldn’t help to noticed that someone in gen chat was complaining (gasp, oh my!). Their complaint was the fact that players weren’t running pugs of the new content. Ofcourse now thinking about it, I probably should’ve left it well enough alone, but noooooo. I felt compelled to throw my 2 galactic credits into it. So I had suggested that he should start to learn the mechanics of the fight by watching YouTube videos. And he agreed with me on that one. I continued to suggest getting on the voicechat for pugs…. Here’s where it’s better… “But my computer doesn’t like it when I try to used a voice chat while playing the game.”, AH-HA! I had said to myself, I knew this was going to happen. But before I could continue typing my response in gen chat, someone else beat me to the punch. And told this guy that his response sounded like an excuse. But I can agreed. Now keep in mind that I have no idea if this guy is telling the truth or not or just being lazy. Well, let me continue, he goes on to say that he doesn’t have a mic and has family at home and doesn’t have a headset and barely gets to play late night of certain hours… Blah, blah, blah. Now you’re probably thinking… Wow seems typical and nothing new about it.

Now, I typed out several ideas for him to move forward. I can show them the door, but they’re the only one that can walk through it.

The point I’m getting to is: 2 things.

    1. Why aren’t players teaching puggers/players to do the new content?

        But why aren’t puggers/players trying to learn the new content?

        Now, let’s be real, I have my views on how it looks to me but I try to give the benefit of the doubt to players (shrugs). I usually let their actions speak and show their intentions. Than I’ll decide.

        So it’s a double edge lightsaber, on one end you have players/puggers wanting to do new content and want to get to the next level. BUT! At the same time you don’t know if these players just want to be carried through and try to get gear for very little to no effort.

        It’s upto you on what your experience has been over the time you’ve play swtor/mmo.

        Maybe some players need to stop poking the Gundark.

        It’s just hard to say whether players are sharing a genuine concern about or are just upset and pouting because they’re lazy and just want to be carried through and get free gear. Or maybe some people are feeling elitest towards other players. Like that never happens.

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