SW:ToR Community Shoutout…

I wanted to give a shout out to podcast peeps that I listen to. For the longest time I’ve listen to ‘The Republic‘ with @Shaddoe (Larry Everett of ‘Hyperspace Beacon‘), which features different co-host from time to time @Heather_PLS (Heather Nazareno also of prettylittlesith.com) from ‘Corellian Run Radio‘, @R3DN4 (Redna) ‘Ootinicast‘, @BeardedApe (Chuck) and @BadFeelingpdcst (Brian) from ‘Bad Feeling Podcasts‘, @ThatRoadGuy from ‘TOROcast‘, @Maebeebuzz of (Maebeebuzz Blog) and more. Old Republic Radio has a great podcast explaining the new operations that I would highly recommend in listening to.

I remember watching ‘The Republic’ being the first podcast I watched/listened to. Always enjoyed the cast. Wanting to hear more information on the upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. And little by little started listening to more and more podcasts, enjoying the content and different views.

When Star Wars Galaxies went under, I bounced around from MMO to MMO, played WoW for a bit, tried DCUO, beta tested Star Trek Online, Rift for like a minute (literally), and probably a few more that escape me at the moment.

I’ve played swtor since beta, and have enjoyed the stories the classes tell, really giving you that Star Warsy feeling like your watching a movie or your story untold in a manner of speaking. Feeling like your fighting for a goal.

A lot of great aspects of the game, with expansions and addons, like Strongholds, Guildships, Galactic Star Fighter and more additions hopefully coming soon in 2015.

Now ever since 3.0 hit, it’s been a learning curve for myself. Having unlearn what I have learn. I have been so lucky that I have great friends ingame and have made friends out of game. It’s important to have a great guild, I see now the importance of having a small close knit guild. My Sage healing has improved tremendously with the help of my guildie who knows his stuff when it comes to healing. And getting the positive feedback is vital to the development of oneself in improving. But one must adapt to changes in order to improved in this game.

Now I just have to convince @Snave1208 (congrats on the Hitbox deal, catch him on Twitch), @R3DN4 (Twitch), and @Rach_Games of (Xam Xam Says) to teach me how to PvP. 😜

The more I listen to podcasts, it gives me a better idea of certain things, gets me also familiar to different views and sometimes sheds light on things that maybe I’ve missed. One person who is into the Galactic Trade Market is @SWTOReconomics (Andrew), a highly recommended source of Galactic market pricing. Check him out on GamerBreakerTV episode #199.

I enjoy this game, and the community. If you get a chance check out the podcasts from the community. I’ll post all here and if I forget any, send a msg via Twitter or from here on my site.

I appreciate all of your support,

Master Liu

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