It’s all about that XP

When The ‘Shadow of Revan’ expansion preorder was announced, I was excited about it. I just had to look up the details about it, and to my surprise 12x XP to class story, say whaaaaaaat! When I preordered I jumped into the game and started leveling up my lowbie toons. I crunch out several characters to 55, I think I went a little crazy with it. But I was happy to see that I did it, going through some of the class stories so quickly I was spacebarring just to get to 55. I wanted to be ready for the expansion.

So after the 12x XP was done, I started hearing that players wanted 12x XP to be brought back. And I said to myself, now THAT’S a great idea. But when?

It has been said that Bioware is going to somehow bring back the 12x XP. When? Unknown. How? Unknown. Bioware is thinking of a few ideas. Speculated that 12x XP would be somehow tied into the legacy. Not a bad idea, I think it would be nice. I would hope it would be free for subs.

The other speculation is from another promotion or expansion point maybe later on this year. But going back to the first idea and having it as a legacy perk would be awesome. Would it be a per server or account wide? Again, just speculating.

Bioware seems to gearing their advertisements with the ‘Choose your Path’ to draw new and returning players. I would guess the bigger bang will be closer to when ‘The Force Awakens’, later on this year. Having to bring tie-in’s to draw new Star Wars fans. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to wield a lightsaber?

I hear that Bioware is looking at cross-server queuing for PvP and I’m guessing for PvE as well. But it’s also rumored that maybe doing a mega-server similar to Elder Scrolls Online. I can see the pro’s and cons to both ideas.

Either way, having new and returning players benefits everyone. But it benefits Bioware more if they get more subscribers. I don’t see a downside to what Bioware is doing gearing for new and returning players.

I want to see 12x XP come back sooner than later.

Stay tuned to The Force.


*Note: If anyone wants to return to the game via my referral, please do (my link). You get 7 days of subscriber status for free, and then you can order the ‘Choose your Path’ story pack for $39.99 (Save 40% off) and your 60 days sub doesn’t start until after your 7 days. So you get 67 days of subscriber status.

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