A bump in the road with the silent treatment


I thought that I would mention that right now going on in SWTOR that unlocking outfits in collections are HALF OFF!!!! For a limited time ONLY!

It was brought up to my attention on Twitter that why hadn’t Bioware announced it? And excellent question, perhaps maybe some sort of backlash from the harassment of one of the Devs? Speculation may arise from the community in regards to further communications from Bioware to the community. It’s sad in a way that a few bad apples ruins the bunch. The behavior of a few does not reflect the whole community. But what can we as the community do to gain the trust back from Bioware to make these small announcements?

Could this be the beginning of what we as the community struggled to get from Bioware?  I know personally I don’t want Bioware to turn their backs to the community. It really seemed that we as in Bioware and the community were moving in the right direction and now we’re being put in the corner to think about we’ve done. People need to be respectful, being behind a computer doesn’t give one the right to just say anything that you want regardless of how it will affect the person. A silent treatment is toxic to a relationship.

Your rights end where others rights begins. Food for thought.

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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  1. I think there’s a chance that they just didn’t mention it. They’ve never been the most copious communicators. I wouldn’t read too much into it. They absolutely need to improve their community presence but I don’t know that I see this as a sign or a punishment.


  2. I dunno why they announce things on such a haphazard schedule. My guess is they make a post regarding it when someone complains in the forums and then treat us like we’re the idiots for not being informed.


    • Maebeebuzz, I’m honored that you can by and read my blog. Let me first say thank you.

      But yes, you’re correct. Haphazard is one way that I would put it. Which brings to question about how things are going to happen between the devs and the community.

      By the way I’m watching the latest cast of Torocast right now. Great job.


  3. A backlash would entail that they actually had good communication with the community to begin with. Can’t believe that the only things we know about the upcoming content for the year is a stronghold & togruta & vague end of year update. This is good for the community how???


    • Exactly. I mean I understand that the Star Wars IP is restrictive in certain aspects but there are other things that Bioware can do to keep us in the loop.


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