A tremor in the Force

Well, today Eric Musco announced (finally) that Bioware will have its stream.

March 20th from 3pm-4pm CDT via twitch.tv/swtor with some news of 3.2 update.

So we get 1 hour to hopefully watch something that will hype us up for 3.2 update.  Maybe a little insight on ‘the outfitter’?

Maybe a Q&A? What questions do you think will be asked?

  • Coratanni and Underlurker bug fix?
  • PvP new content?
  • Nightmare for new Ops?
  • Class balancing? Or Nerfing?
  • Operation: Victory, re announced?

These are just a few things that just come to mind. I’m pretty PvP’ers will be asking about win-trading.

Now a smart stream from Bioware would be to have a set time to answer as many questions as possible but in a timely fashion. Along with giving a satisfactory answer to everything that players want to know, I think that’s fair enough, now remember Bioware said they want to be more transparent with its player-base. And they should, they owe us that much. I want ‘wall-o-crazy’ stuff announced. Besides the fixes they need to do ingame, I think that if Bioware gives us enough juicy tidbits, that it may give a better outlook on their so-called roadmap of 2015.

Unless I’m completely wrong and they dodge the questions like politicians in an election race by using classic misdirection.

I think that Bioware knows that they’ve falling short and they need to show face and earn some respect back. Without a customer-base, you don’t have a game.

Let’s just hope Bioware doesn’t cancel the stream due to weather on the East Coast.

Sometime later Tait Watson says:

Could it be? Will they give us a treat? A glimpse of 3.2 (even though Musco said: No spoilers!)

Stay tuned to the Force.

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  1. Joseph Brown

    Sadly part of me knows if i tune into the show Friday evening my time it well be a large part of the chat well be haters hating on the game. It all ways happen in there stream and a big reason is they fail to give the most asked question and answer or even where working on it. My only one is why the lack of already sub love then what they been giving to the f2p group in trying to get them to re sub or even sub. I feel good part of that group knows full well PVP not getting any care is a reason of sub drop down sub and can still get there game play and pvp fix with out dropping a $1 on the game saw it this pass weekend on a new sever and my own just players spaming for sub to q with them for pvp

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    • I think with the current looking into win-trading, we just have to see what the outcome is for PvP. But I’m sure with the adjustments(nerfs) of classes their trying to workout the kinks. Let’s see what happens on the live stream.


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