Welcome ‘It’s a trap Podcast’ and a twist of 3.2.1

First off, I want to give R3dn4 and Ordoo a shoutout on their New Podcast which is available on iTunes, Stitcher and their website. If you like Star Wars Canon, you’ll love these guys. You can follow ‘It’s a trap Podcast’ on Twitter. These guys have been working hard to bring this new and exciting Podcast. Give them a review on iTunes and Stitcher. (Waves hand) You WILL listen to this Podcast.


Well, as of late I have been working on a few things. Leveling up toons with 12x XP is so much fun. There was a few storylines a that I have watched/played through already. But I started up a toon in Jung Ma to play with Chuck and Brian from Bad Feeling Podcast. I leveled up a Mercenary as I have been healing on my Commando on Jedi Covenant and well, I really enjoy healing.

Leveled up to 47 on Voss and went straight to Makeb to hit 55. But I did screw up a bit as I didn’t have a few extra missions to turn in at once. That was my fault, but eh, whatever. So I continued doing the Forged Alliances with my trusty J-Droid and a XP boost, knocked out the story arch. Hit Rishi my Nishi, Yavin 4 and got done with ‘Enemy within’ and wasn’t quite 60 yet. So I headed over to Oricon to do the intro missions and finally hit 60, later headed over to Ziost to get my 190 gear for my Merc.

My experience on Jung Ma (a RP-PvP) was crazy unbelievable, and what I mean by that is that I thought I needed to be in RP’in mode and be on guard to fight for me life if I got ganked. But leveling from 1 to 60 never once did I get jumped but anyone. I was amazed and thought that I was going to have a hard time leveling up but I was so impressed with also how helpful and friendly people are on that server. Thank you to all on Jung Ma for a great first impression. I can’t wait to level my other characters or I just might transfer off a toon from Jedi Covenant so that I could have my legacy come over. But let’s continue on.

You can catch the actual patch notes here for 3.2.1.

Class Update: Sentinels/Marauders 

So it was announce with the update that Sent’s/Mara’s still got the short end of the Saber with the it’s recent changes. I have a Sentinel but I don’t really play him that much to really know. I noticed on the forums players are not quite to thrilled about the changes.

Ravagers: Torque Encounter

Invisible fire fixed!!! But wait… certain heals were healing the consoles? Man I should’ve healed harder on those consoles.

Set Bonuses: Combat Medic’s/Bodyguards

Thank you Bioware for finally fixing the set bonus for Merc’s/Commando’s, only took since December.

Class update: Sorcerors/Sages

You get a bubble, and you get a bubble, EVERYONE GETS A BUBBLE!!!

PvP: Resolve

In all honesty, since I don’t really PvP that much… or really at all. I am tempted to check out PvP now.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife makes a glorious return!

Head to Nar Shaddaa between June 9th, 2015 at 12GMT and August 25th, 2015 at 12GMT to test your luck on Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty slot machines to earn unique prizes!

I missed the first time that the Nar Shadda Nightlife event that came around but I’m excited to try out this money sink…. errr.. I mean event. Looks like I’ll need to start my daily runs again.

There was a lot more to 3.2.1, I’m just briefly touching on a few things that peaked my interest.

And just right around the corner is another Live Dev Stream on Wednesday June 3rd at from 4-5PM CDT (3-4PM PST). Check them out on their Twitch channel.  (Original post by Eric Musco)

New content talk, a tour of a Stronghold while on a new playable specie. For an hour. Hmmm, I’m going to guess that this is going to be the San Diego Community Cantina teaser presentation. I wonder if any enlightenment will be shed about ‘Fallen Empire’, would be nice.


Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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  1. Another wonderful post, Liu! I don’t play any of the dual wielding classes (hell, or a DPS class-4 tanks and 1 healer). I have started listening to It’s A Trap! but haven’t gotten too deep yet. Really looking forward to it though. And that new Bad Feeling episode on PvP-can’t wait to listen to that one! I don’t PvP much either (did some Warzones on Ebon Hawk), but haven’t seen much open world action on Jung Ma.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tyrannodorkus

    It’s a trap podcast is pretty good. I’ve listened to both episodes already. I love story and love hearing people talk about story.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for sharing the podcast recommendation! I’m always looking for new ones to add to my feeder! ^_^


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