So… your stronghold or mine?


Lots of things have been happening in SWTOR. Recently Jedi Covenant had it’s Guild Summit Meeting. The Dev Stream on June 3rd with a Togruta and the Yavin Stronghold. TORCommunity and Dulfy have a lot of the details, but if you missed the broadcast here it is.

Togruta, Yavin IV Stronghold and 3.3

One thing that I will say that I’m glad the stream wasn’t like the previous Dev stream where pretty much the same presentation as it was during the SWCA Community Cantina event. Glad this was the way it was, a few questions were asked via chat and got answers, but others in the chat were just spamming the same question over and over. I mean, come let’s be an adult about this and if you are having a tantrum, simply send you questions/feedback/concerns to Eric via the forums on SWTOR. But be an adult when presenting your concerns.

What people tend to forget that this is their job to present things to us. It’s their job, but remember Bioware is trying to better communicate to its playerbase and community to keep us informed. Remember, Bioware can be just tight-lipped about it and not ask the community for any feedback. Think about that. Imagine a relationship that you don’t have a say in, and think about your options.

Okay moving on, Togruta species, very nice. I like it. I could see myself playing one of these toons. But I’m surprised that it’s been the most requested species in SWTOR.

Yavin IV: Stronghold. Cool looking, I honestly haven’t really decorated my current strongholds and I doubt I’ll decorate this one. But I’m just talking about myself. Remember to each their own. But the layout is very interesting, environment is spectacular.

And on June 4th, 3.3 is available on PTS for all to try, but not the Togruta and the Yavin Stronghold. PvP’ers rejoice!!! I’m pretty sure lots of players and been copying their characters on PTS and having lots of fun. You can read the patch notes on Dulfy.

Healer changes, as I’m typing this up I’m patching up PTS to try my healers and to see what’s different. I mean, I love healing. Remember 3.3 is suppose to go live July 21st. So this gives a bit of time to post your feedback on the forums about the changes.

Jedi Covenant Guild Summit

Now I play on Jedi Covenant and I couldn’t make it to listen in on this. But, I will say that all that participated were amazing. Some great questions were asked. And if you missed it you can listen to the audio on TORCommunity. And JC’s Summit takes place every last Saturday of the month. But there are certain requirements. Kudos to all that participated. I personally thought that the best question that was asked is a ‘summons button’ for world bosses or an on screen timer when in the area.


As of late, I have been a bit busy and have some personal things come up that I need to tend to. So I want to apologize for not posting as often as I’d like to. But I appreciate everyone’s patience. With my plate being somewhat full, I am looking into doing podcasts. So I’m researching and have received some very valuable help from the community. But I will post more about that another time. I’m looking forward to the San Diego Community Cantina and meeting the community.

Overall, I’m excited about 06.15 Fallen Empire announcement. (SPOILER ALERT) Kephess is the Emperor!!! Just kidding. I have no idea. But Speculated that Malgus may be coming back, or that the new story arch is about the Rakata, or maybe I’m just completely wrong and it’s all about SWTOR II.

Bioware seems to be moving in the right direction, and as Eric said in the beginning of the Dev stream, ‘To live the fantasy that you want to live’. Bioware is adding more and more features to the game, and imagine at one point we will have everything there is to ask for in this game that IS Star Wars.

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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