“Knights of the Fallen Empire” leaked info

Looks like either someone stepped in some poodoo there. And leaked some info in regards to the announcement/expansion. Now whether it was a mistake or just to ride the coat tails of hype. Hashtags of #knightsofthefallenempire , #swtor , #faceyourdestiny and #swtorfamily still has been booming with hype.

The news has been spreading like wildfire, and it has been exciting players and attracting some returning players. I will say that #Bioware is moving in the right direction. With all this hype the pressure is on Bioware to really deliver a high quality product and streamline PvP aspects along with queues.


Remember the following may contain spoilers.


This picture has been circulating around the web and Twitter, looks greats. And as I said in my last post, speculations have been flying around. This has shed some light. There’s also a picture that has Eric Musco’s face photoshop on the twins.

And of course a new pic has been dropped with information. Check out the following pictures.






Let’s see what else gets ‘accidently’ leaked. So far Bioware has been doing a great job in stirring up hype. Now the just have to deliver. But understand Bioware has always delivered on the storylines aspect. They had great hype for the Ziost ‘Rise of the Emperor’ story arch. I know I enjoyed it but it left me wanting more. And with the San Diego Community Cantina coming up, They better have an epic presentation. Obviously the trailer for this is going to be awesome.

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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  1. You stay away from the internet for one day and lots of crazy stuff happens! I’ll have to read up on this…

    I just wanted to say that I love that picture of the Musco twins, made me laugh out loud.

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