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Greetings all, I know that it has been a while since I posted. So forgive me for the delay, I’ve had quite of personal things going on. I went to the San Diego Community Cantina Event. As some of you were aware of the pic’s with some familiar #swtor community members. And had the most interesting time, meeting up with Marshall and Will from ‘The Usual Podcast‘, Jessie from Unholy Alliances, Heather of Pretty Little Sith & Corellian Run Radio, and Andreas aka Chinn’ook from my same server of Jedi Covenant, and not to mention Bam and the #WookGuild.


What a day, it was just so amazing!!! Now I didn’t get to go to the actual Comic Con, but seeing so many people enjoying all the festivities going on. Streets closed off to allow people to get around. I got to see the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ on my way to meet up with everyone, that was cool.
Let’s dive into Swtor, so much has been going on. I figured that there’s other outlets to get all the information from but the fact of the matter is what some of the speculation and opinions are about the upcoming expansion to the game.


Now, I’m just going to be honest here. When I heard about the ‘no new end-game content at launch’, I was disappointed in #Bioware. And I thought the game was pretty much coming to an end, I was going to unsub and move on as some players have said. That’s one reason why I hadn’t post up a blog in a bit, and I said to myself, ‘Don’t be too hasty, let’s think about this’. And so I pondered for some time.


Now #EA release a teaser trailer, But I’m pretty sure that everyone has seen it already on Dulfy. Dulfy also has pic’s on there to check out.

Last night I got to speak with a couple of guildies about what’s coming out and was watching the live stream on twitch. And the question was asked to me from my GM, ‘Would you quit the game if you were 10 of 10 with ToS/Rav?’. And I thought about it, cause like I said before I was thinking of just going to preferred and dropping my sub. But as a sub you get so many perks, it’s almost saying, ‘I rather not have too much fun, let me not get the full experience of the game. It’ll be better that way.’. I answered my GM, and said, ‘No, I would still play the game, how about you?’, I asked. The lot of us agreed.

For the longest time I had stated that the old Ops needed a revamp, to be scaled some how. For those of you that hadn’t caught the Corellian Run Radio podcast with Lady Insanity (@ladyinsanity), you should. Great information was provided in that podcast, and may brighten up your hope if you were on the fence.

The PvE aspect seems to be going in one direction, revamp of Operations and Flashpoints, I really hope they fix the desync with Underlurker and maybe the memory leak in the game that has been long overdue.

Crafting: Biochem seems to be the only decent crafting profession. Everything is blah, if #Bioware is revamping crafting, it HAS to be better than what it is now.

Companions: I find this funny cause speaking with friends and guildies, they’ve already made a list of who they’re going to kill off.  Like Gus, Gault, Theran, Quinn, to name a few.

But in short, we’re looking at Vanilla #swtor 2.0, things long overdue. It should be a fresh start to draw in new players. Now, I’ve briefly touched on the PvE aspect and as I am not a PvP’er. But we’re gonna probably seem in the upcoming year some PvP love. Bioware’s main focus is to fix the core game, and they’re going back to their roots.

Marketing Strategy seems to be focused on attracting new players from other EA/Bioware games. Subs, Subs, and more Subs. I didn’t want to make this post too long, But I just wanted to touch on a few things. I’ll have a follow up post.

Thank you everyone for being patient and thank you to the #swtorfamily community.

And before I forget, if you have a minute definitely check Jessie’s (@unholyualliances) new podcast called ‘Passionately Casual Podcast: Star Wars The Old Republic‘ on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean. Show her some love!!!

Also join us on the Shadowlands server with the Marshall and Will in ‘The Usual Podcast Guild‘. Check out the site and join us for ‘a round’ of fun.


Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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