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As we draw closer to the release of #KnightsoftheFallenEmpire expansion, many of us wonder what exactly are we in stored for? Bioware hasn’t really said too much, but on August 26th a live stream will take place showing actual gameplay of #KotFE. Bioware decided that they were cancelling the Community Cantina and instead were doing a live stream where they’ll hand out Cantina codes to viewers and other swag they will be giving away. You’ll be able to watch through The announcement is below (link).

musco live stream august 26

Now I think it’s good that Bioware is doing the live stream, but I think by this time more information should’ve been release. And as of late, the community has received more information from the ToRCommunity than anything else. Thanks to @swtor_miner and @swtor_potato. The community owes a great deal of thanks to these guys, they’re doing the job of the marketing team by getting the community this information.

Let’s dive into some things that I’ve wanted to chat about.


As I just stated above, I’m slightly disappointed that Bioware, over the past couple of years modified their marketing department to really take this and run with it. Now, it’s not to say that they don’t have a current plan or timeframe in place of when they’re going to start giving the community information, but we’re two months away. Times are changing, and the community has been wanting more involvement from Bioware in regards to information. Don’t take me wrong, Bioware has to abide by approval guidelines and that’s understandable, but maybe, just maybe they could’ve done something along the lines of Vlog talking about how they’re working on XYZ and show a preview of some kind. Like little snippets or something. Just a thought.

The latest marketing plan seems to really be geared towards attaining new players, by trying to attract players from other games like Dragon Age as stated by Ashe aka Lady Insanity (@ladyinsanity). If you haven’t seen or heard the interview with her I would recommend it: Check out Corellian Run Radio’s interview with Lady Insanity. Attracting new players is one thing, but fixing the game is another. If Bioware focused more on the core of the game giving current players a better experience in game, then word would spread, and more players would be enticed to join. Like the saying goes: “good news travels fast but bad news travels faster.”

Story Content.

Now I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed the story arcs in the game. But MMO players aren’t all about the stories. When I played through the Ziost story arc, I felt that immersion, and it was amazing. It had me wanting more but, when it came to a screeching halt, I said to myself, ‘That’s it?’. And lots of us wondered what was to come next, fight the Emperor? Is that the next expansion? I honestly thought that the players were going to have some involvement in fighting the Emperor. It seems like now we’re just going to get a skip over and go next to a new slate. To me it seems like swtor beta is over and now we’re doing swtor revised.

There have been interviews with Bioware reps saying, ‘Players want story’. In my opinion is just one aspect but want about the rest of want players want? Bug-free operations, not to mention end-game content. Players want to be challenged. I think something fell through the cracks here. Just saying.

New chapter stories every month, I would like to see how that plays out, but I don’t think that everyone is going to jump on the sub train all at once.

End Game & Operations.

We come back to this area again, as I’ve stated before. I was disappointed at first to hear that there was ‘no new end-game content at launch’. I drew on the conclusion that there isn’t going to be any end-game operations. But it took me a moment to realize that, oh Bioware means at launch. It isn’t to say that there won’t be any at all, but later Bioware will have a new end-game operation. It’s been speculated that players are to expect it probably six months or so. Again there’s no official word on that.

I had been saying for some time that some operations needed to be scaled up, I did enjoy running some of the older operations. But to not bring in a new end-game operation, uhhh yeah, no. And not to mention that no new nightmare modes…. ever. (Sighs). I would thought that Bioware learned something from before about this, but with the release of Star Wars: the Force Awakening coming, they want to capitalize on bringing in fans/players into the game.

Stat changes.

With the current stats in the game like Strength, Aim, Cunning, Willpower, Presence, all being changed to Mastery. And Surge Rating being changed into Critical Rating, it seems that Bioware is dumbing down the game. In so many ways, this will completely changed the in-game market. Stims, gear, etc. So everyone can use the same gear? I’m guessing things like Shield, Absorption, Defense, Power will be the same? I’m hoping that during the live stream on August 26th we’ll see something about it. (crosses fingers) But let’s not forget Endurance, that’s not going anywhere.

Companions stats are also being changed. Let’s see how this plays out.


ToRCommunity has post quite a bit of information on this. So you’re more then welcome to check it out, ToRCommunity Datamined post. (But remember it has spoilers). It seems that companions are going to play a vital role to one’s gameplay experience, story, crafting, missions, etc.

Talking with some of my guildies, some we’re are ready making a list of who they wanted to kill off. Everyone seems have their eyes set on some of them, for me I would want to get rid of Gus, Tharan, Quinn, Skadge to name a few. But it would be nice to pick some new/different companions.


This area of the game needed an overhaul for some time. When I was playing SWG, I really enjoyed playing the crafters in that game. The experience of it for me was fun! But I highly doubt that we’ll get anything like that for #swtor, but I can dream can’t I. Again, no word on how the new system is going to work.

I would like to have some of crafting professions be more useful. Like Synthweaving, I really only use it for augments. Armormech, augments. Biochem is the only profession that I really use, crafting out stim’s and adrenals for myself and guildies. Oh, and implants. I really hope that it’s something impressive.

And with the stats changing ingame, this would have an affect on the in-game economy, gathering materials and crafted items. So for example 192 items like hilts, enhancements use materials that cost more than what a crafted item is actually worth.

And it looks as though gathering nodes are going to be changed to adaptive gathering nodes. The Galactic Gamers Coalition has a great podcast, and everyone should check it out.


I personally sub, I enjoy the game and the people I play with without a doubt. Now to each their own, but in order to get the expansion, you have to be subbed. As a sub you get full access to the game, and why limit yourself in something you are entertained with and enjoy. This ties into Bioware’s marketing, they want new players and new sub’s. At least right now if you sub, you get to take advantage of the 12x XP story boost. Use my code and take advantage of 7 days of subscription status as long as you haven’t been subbed within the past 90 days. And some extra perks.


There are some things I am looking forward to, but at the same time I’m slightly disappointed in the way that Bioware is handling some things. There are somethings that are long overdue for the game, and the game certainly has so much potential to be more, but there wouldn’t be a game without the player base. Marketing from Bioware, maybe that needs to be overhaul too, no…. wait, it does NEED to be overhauled. It’s okay for a game company to try to get a larger player base, but you should never exclude/ignore your current player base. I do see that Bioware is trying to be more active in certain areas but it still doesn’t make up for the lack in other areas. It’s not to say that the team(s) aren’t working hard in trying to bring us a game that we enjoy. Everyone is trying to do their job, and Bioware has certain guidelines and protocols that they have to abide by. Maybe if we, the customer base had an idea of the procedures/protocols we would have a better understanding and complain less about certain things.

With no new end-game content, I just hope that we get it sooner rather than later. Seriously Bioware, don’t wait a year again to gives us something. Recycling current content isn’t new content. Don’t sprinkle Neutron Pixie on PooDoo and call it candy. We certainly see the pink Bantha in the room.


Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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  1. Eternal Shad

    Very good post. I too wondered about the ex-Emperor, until I decided to google, and dig a little deeper, and see why we were not taking him on at all. Seems on Wookieepedia, they had a post about Vitiate, and according to that, He had a final death. Even though I know Wookieepedia is written by users like us, does make one wonder though about it. Anyhow, here is the link to the Vitiate post on Wookieepedia.


  2. Eternal Shad

    You’re welcome.


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