So much #KotFE Impression

Well, it’s a bit since I got to post but I’ve been following the news to #KnightsoftheFallenEmpire. Now, I’ll try not to spoil anything. As of late I have been a bit busy with my acting career, not to mention with dealing with some personal items on my plate. Let’s dive into some #kotfe, shall we.

Trying to play on multiple servers can get a little confusing, like for example at a certain time on Jedi Covenant it just dies out. And on Harbinger, it seems to practically be rocking round the clock! It’s been a while since I played on Harbinger, I started on that server back in the day when the game launched.

Been playing with ‘Unholy Alliance’ guildies in our “WoG” group when I can, granted I missed last weeks run. Also, I wanted to give a special shoutout to the XtraLife Team for going the Xtra mile to raise money for Children’s Hospitals. Way to go team! I wish I could’ve participated but real life things came up.


Wow! Wow! The story is so incredible that I couldn’t stop but at one point I had to. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The story had me so hooked, I was completely sucked in. Such an interesting turn of events. So far I’ve only done one Republic toon of mine that’s a Lightside Sage. But I heard of some interesting things for Empire side along with different versions of Darkside. And I honestly can’t wait to check them out. My advice to anyone that’s interested in ‘Knights of the Fallen Empire’ is to take your time. I had caught myself at certain points of the story contemplating over decision choices for several minutes, sitting there looking at the screen. Sometimes it was a difficult choice. I can’t wait to see what’s next in the storyline.


Companions were reworked, and with the way how they work now should’ve been there since launch, so much more versatile now. Now I’m not talking about before the nerf or after but in general it’s so much better. Being able to select your favorite companion and selecting their role to suit your needs is fantastic. Not to mention that you get some new companions during the story of KotFE.

Crafting Professions

Crafting in KotFE got reworked, and I was a bit confused with Bioware moving a few things here and there. Granted, the crafting isn’t really a huge complex system, not like it was in Star Wars Galaxies. Being to gather resources pretty much at whatever planet no matter where you’re at in you’re gathering level. Now if your skill level is low and you’re gathering a high level resource you might not get as much. But you’ll still increase in level.

Reverse Engineering also has been tweaked, much better than before and a great way to get augment kits.


Some players remember the days of the 12x XP Class story Boost, and it was fantastic at the time but now if you level a new character from level 1 to 50 it’s a tad slower. You get 6x XP from your class story and 6x XP from the planetary missions. So essentially it’s 12x XP. Now you may be thinking, ‘That’s a bummer’ it’s actually not. I personally think that the planetary missions give a different story altogether and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t played all the class stories. And now what’s great is that even if you started playing the game later than most of your friends and they’re all higher level than you, they can now help you out along your gameplay.

Level Sync

There was so much controversy on the level sync, going back to some of the beginner planets is fun. No more high level ganking. And I think it makes things challenging as suppose to menial. World Bosses are fun to do. So far the experience hasn’t been bad, it’s been great to do things with guildies and run Heroics missions and make some extra credits.


I can’t stress enough to say this but I had been saying this for some time now. But I am so happy that the Operations have been scaled. Some of the operations has been fun but before KotFE but some were just collecting dust. Some of the boss fights were really fun, the environments and detail are amazing to look at. I mean don’t get me wrong the ‘Storymode’ versions have been ‘water down’. But the ‘Hardmode’ versions are fun. My teams are trying to get ‘Nightmare Mode’ ready but currently that’s not fix yet from what I understand. Priority (Hardmode) Operations have been challenging and fun, and this changes weekly. Groupfinder (Storymode) Operations have been great to introduce new players to operations, and you get bolstered.


I have heard a lot about this, I haven’t done Flashpoints. But from what I’ve gathered Flashpoints are a lot more challenging than before KotFE. I got so burnt out on Flashpoints that I haven’t consciously been wanting to do them. I would honestly suggest that you group up with people you know or guildies to do Flashpoints.


Planetary Heroic missions have been reformatted, easier to do and faster to get to. These terminals are located near the center-ring of Fleet. Great way to make credits but even better in a full group. Take advantage of this.

Exploration missions are great to explore other areas of planetary maps, I haven’t try these to be honest.

Operation one time storyline missions are a lot easier to fine, you can find these on Gav Dargon/Ziost Fleet ships.


I know that on Twitter and other outlets have already made their impressions known and that I might be a bit late, but better late than never. On KotFE, I have been impressed so far with the changes. This post is going up after I’ve played for some time and really wanted to get a real in depth to the expansion. I am going to follow this up with another post. The story writing has been incredible, and you get to really make some difficult decisions. But if it’s your first playthrough, take your time. Rushing to 65 can be done with Operations and Heroics, it’s not that big of a deal to have to get to max level. Bioware has done a great job of delivering story for this expansion. But still no talk about new content, a new Operation which has me wondering if something is going to be talked about after the holidays. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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  1. Better late then never is right. Loved the post, and you are so right. The story is the best part so far. Can’t wait to see more , hate that we have to wait until Feb to get new content, but it’ll be worth the wait. I haven’t taken anymore toons through yet. I’ve done my SI, SW, IA, BH, on Empire Side, republic side, I’ve done I believe Trooper so far, Working on my balanced Sage, haven’t gotten a Knight up there yet nor a smuggler, I have them sitting around their mid 50’s. lol. Solo Mode Flashpoints are great if you wanna run them for story lines now, minus I believe the Colcoid Games one. I’ve never done it, and probably won’t for some time.

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    • The only thing that I’m disappointed about is that I just found out that the ‘Bounty Hunters chest piece’ that use to drop in Black Talon is gone. I wanted that piece on a couple of BH’s that I still have. I have it on 2 current toons but any further toons I can’t get them anymore.


  2. Joseph Brown

    Well there is a lot of loot chances and the fact they re done the flash points and have to say ones that could have had solo part to them was missed by them and the fact both level 10’s have had a major loot cleaning and its sad the good gear gone for a data com and cash. I have yet to check and see if the others had the solo part added or to get into the others is tack q and hope for a clear run.


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