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We are about a month away from #KnightsoftheFallenEmpire expansion, and some information has been trickling out. Thanks to the wonderful miners of ToRCommunity we have gotten tidbits of upcoming things such as UI improvements. Recently, #Bioware had maintenance to make improvements to the back end systems to optimize load times, graphical improvements. And honestly, it’s been good so far, I’ve seen huge improvements on the load times.

Now, as I always give Bioware the benefit of the doubt. They have also been posting story blogs (which I have avoided due to spoilers), and class changes which I have look at, but as I’ve said in the Corellian Run Radio podcast, I’m more about execution rather than reading about. I was extremely excited about doing Corellian Run Radio Podcast, since I had been hanging out with JT, Marshal, Will, Jessie, Andreas, R3dn4, and others doing WOG events in the Unholy Alliance Guild on Harbinger. And it’s been loads of fun and laughter.


There is R3dn4’s Blooper WOG Run video which captures the ‘Lemmings Effect’, I was on Teamspeak while this was going down, but I didn’t have a level 60 Pub toon at the time. But you can hear Jessie’s laughter and tears.

Recently, Chapter 1 playthrough’s have been happening at TwitchCon you can view a few of them on Twitch, and on But please remember that they may contain spoilers. Yes, I have seen it. But I am looking forward to playing the chapters myself. My guild on Jedi Covenant have trying to get the achievements for some of the NiM ops, DF, DP, TFB, SNV, etc. And have been successful, several people in the guild now have their wings from Brontes. But not me yet. SOON™. I hope.

Coming the 30th, there will be a stream talking about the crafting, NOW this is what I am looking forward to. Over the course of 4 years the crafting has been Poodoo. Only making a couple of professions really valuable for making needed items. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Now with some guilds prepping for the #KotFE expansion, the community will likely see a surge of returning players and new players, So I would recommend reading PrettyLittleSith’s blog post about ‘How to be a Better Guild Member’.

If you love Star Wars Canon, go check out R3dn4 and Ordo’s, It’s a Trap Podcast.

I will have a follow up blog post.

Stay tuned to The Balance Force.

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  1. Loved reading it, but you may wanna go to this part of your post and well fix the word Knight –#KinghtsoftheFallenEmpire–I take it you were either in a rush, or tired when writing this,but over all yeah, I cheated too, and did the sneak peak into the new content. I can’t wait to play it myself.

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    • Got it, thanks. I’m pretty excited for it too, even though there’s no new end game content but still this story is awesome so far.

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      • you’re welcome, yeah I didn’t wanna go down the path of spoilers, but that was just to tempting to see on the website. made me all the more excited, end game stuff is not something i do. tried to get involved ,but eh, just to shy in game cause i know i suck , so i just do other things.


  2. Joseph Brown

    Sadly the weekend streams at twitch con Pissed me off as a sub. There where a large group in chat over the two days that had a hate on for the non swtor players. Another group pissed there was no mount code or even CC hand out. I felt bad for one of the streamers she was getting flack and even though the twitch mods tried but some kept right on the name calling. But the big thing is the for got to check there facts about there new deal they had on. I was like happy to see then found out from Amazon its only for the USA.


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