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It’s all about that XP

When The ‘Shadow of Revan’ expansion preorder was announced, I was excited about it. I just had to look up the details about it, and to my surprise 12x XP to class story, say whaaaaaaat! When I preordered I jumped into the game and started leveling up my lowbie toons. I crunch out several characters to 55, I think I went a little crazy with it. But I was happy to see that I did it, going through some of the class stories so quickly I was spacebarring just to get to 55. I wanted to be ready for the expansion.

So after the 12x XP was done, I started hearing that players wanted 12x XP to be brought back. And I said to myself, now THAT’S a great idea. But when?

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Follow the Path…

Not a lot of news going on, the ‘Choose your Path’ promo pack where you get the ‘Rise of the Hutt Cartel’, ‘Shadow of Revan’, 60 day game time and 2400 cartel coins for $39.99 (40% off). Now that’s not bad to entice returning subs, and if your a sub by March 29, 2015 you get a Black-Purple crystal (+41 endurance, power, critical rating, expertise).

Operation: Victory ~ Cancelled. 

With seeing Bioware partner up with ESL (an esport company) and just a couple of weeks later after announcing the speed run competition. That it was cancelled. Patch notes for March 3rd, stated putting the Coratanni encounter ‘in a better place’. Or is it, being on a friends teamspeak today listening to them do the Cortanni encounter, it may not be fix or a better place. Which brings up the question, could Bioware not get it fixed or the better place? It sadden quite a bit of players, but there has to be some real issues for Bioware to cancel the speed run.

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SW:ToR Community Shoutout…

I wanted to give a shout out to podcast peeps that I listen to. For the longest time I’ve listen to ‘The Republic‘ with @Shaddoe (Larry Everett of ‘Hyperspace Beacon‘), which features different co-host from time to time @Heather_PLS (Heather Nazareno also of from ‘Corellian Run Radio‘, @R3DN4 (Redna) ‘Ootinicast‘, @BeardedApe (Chuck) and @BadFeelingpdcst (Brian) from ‘Bad Feeling Podcasts‘, @ThatRoadGuy from ‘TOROcast‘, @Maebeebuzz of (Maebeebuzz Blog) and more. Old Republic Radio has a great podcast explaining the new operations that I would highly recommend in listening to.

I remember watching ‘The Republic’ being the first podcast I watched/listened to. Always enjoyed the cast. Wanting to hear more information on the upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. And little by little started listening to more and more podcasts, enjoying the content and different views.

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To pug or not to pug…

One thing the lately I have noticed is that not so many players are really starting to do a lot of the new ops. Guilds are doing progression raids of 8 mans. Haven’t really heard too much about 16 mans. Now let’s not forget about the bugs from the 3.0 update in regards to the new ops. Ravengers and Temple of Sacrifice. Read the rest of this entry

Pitchforks and Forcepikes

So I’ve been out of commission for a few days. Under the weather, sucks, feels like a lightsaber going through my head. But anyway I wanted to touch base on the fact that Bioware has dished out the punishments for the Ravengers exploit.

Reading up on Twitter, ingame gen chat, forum post, I get the feeling that the non-exploiters wanted a more severe punishment for the exploiters. But it’s funny to me on certain forum posts the “good players” want to be rewarded for not using the exploit?! When I read that, I said to myself, “Say whaaaaa?!” I personally find it funny that people expected a cookie for doing their chores. And it’s funny how quickly people are quick to judge.

So punishments when out with emails dictating the stipulations of their punishment. Anywhere from game time suspension, removal of schematics, removal of materials, perma-ban for the egregious offenders (depending). Now, some players feels that the punishments was just more of a “slap on the wrists”. Others will say that BW dropped the ball on this whole exploit. But from what I can gather, certain players didn’t have any schematics, materials, gear/loot/credits removed.

Now, I have to say being open minded helps, listening to Bad Feeling Podcast and hearing both sides of the arguments makes better sense. I just find it funny that people compare real life consequences to a game, and personally you just can’t compare it.

Now, I was on a toon running the “Battle of Rishi” and this other player was asking in group chat, “How much is it worth it to you to get ‘exploit’?” Now I LOL’d. And I told this person nothing. And what was funny was I was level 58, and this person was trying to sell the lockout to me. Seemed like this person was desperate to make credits.

Let’s see what’s coming in 2015 for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Welcome to my Blog, The Balance Force…


Super excited about starting up my blog. I’ve always to write, and now I can do so about one of my favorite hobbies, Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. But I’m not just stopping there, since I’m a Star Wars fan, I have been reading the new books and got done with some of the older books. Well, mostly on audiobooks. I thought maybe I could share my thoughts on things. I definitely will be expanding my blog and adding more things. I just got started with this, so I’m hoping that you’ll stay around and enjoy my blog.